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We introduced with basic mission to help the mental disorder people to bring joy and give them a heart-healthy life.

Mind Power is an established provider since 2000 of high quality about psychological therapies, mental health services, training and supervision to individuals and organisations.

  • All assessment are conducted face to face.
  • Psychological therapy – in accordance with NICE guidelines
  • Well-being program.
  • Specialist psychological therapy clinical supervision
  • Range of large employers who embrace mental health well-being

We have a proven track record of delivering large scale services with evidence of excellent clinical outcomes for people.


We are dedicated, responsible and well trained to solve your issues and our advanced
therapy can give you comfort future.

Counselling Services
Psychological Counselling Service
Matrimonial Counsellors
Counselling Services For Children
Counselling Services for Behaviour Problems
Parent Child Counselling Services
Hypnotherapists for Headache
Hypnotherapists for Shame
Hypnotherapists for Stage Fear
Hypnotherapists for Public Speaking
Hypnotherapists for Inferiority Complex
Hypnotherapists for Allergy Problem
Hypnotherapists for Irrational Thought
Hypnotherapists for Study Habit
Hypnotherapists for Asthma
Counselling Services for Women
Relationship Counselling Services
Hypnotherapists for Motivation
Counselling Service For Eating Disorder
Hypnotherapists For Child Birth
Hypnotherapists For Immune System Disorder
Counselling Service For Sleep Disorder
Fear Counselling Services
Family Conflict Counselling Services
Emotional counselling Services
Depression Counselling Centeres
Counselling Services For Pregnant Women
Hypnotherapists For Memory Restoration
Counsellor Personal Problem
Hypnotherapists For Home Visit
Counselling Service At Home
Counselling Service For Suicide Problem
Stress Counselling

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